Workflow Manager



Workflow Manager

Create Customisable Workflows and Automated task Management to Streamline your internal Systems.

A powerful yet simple and flexible visual order management console. Using a simple traffic light system your staff will be able to seamlessly manage every stage of the orders progress with ease.


Our Features



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 A brilliant tool to easily manage your final measures exact status, from measure required, booked and even long term follow up dates with automatic reminders.

Don't waste time tracking and managing your jobs manually, when it can be done easier and faster in a fraction of the time.

Send final measure bookings to your scheduler at the click of a button, it's then as simple as dragging the booking into the calendar for a fast and efficient booking process. 
Print or email automatically generated measure sheets with customised details ready for your fitters to take onsite, including any documents or images relevant to the clients order. 
Access measure reports instantly before the measurer has even left the clients home
View and manage all booked appointments, keep on top of changes to appointments in one easy screen 


Fast and efficient ordering system eliminating the need to manually transpose data leaving room for costly mistakes. 

Generate QR codes and print labels direct from Smartpad Pro, save time when receiving your products by just scanning them into the system.  

Automatically generate product and workroom orders in PDF or excel that can be downloaded, printed or emailed directly to your suppliers and manufacturers 
Mark your orders as sent at the click of a button for easy tracking 
Print labels with QR Codes for products to make the receiving process simple and fast 
View the email status of your orders and visually see if they have been sent or bounced so nothing gets missed 

Simply and efficiently manage your ETA's and received status to always know where your jobs are at

Manage and change each products specific ETA days in your product settings to have complete control or supplier management.

 Customise your expected ETA's per product type in your product settings for easy tracking
 Visually manage the status of all products to know if they are received or not, how many are received, how many outstanding
 Scan in the products that come in with our QR Code labels to instantly receive them and tell your team the jobs ready for installation
 Ability to manually receive products in as well as the QR scan process


We've covered every option to make booking and managing your installations a breeze.

A flexible intuitive system allowing you to know the exact status of the job as it happens live.

Create and book split installations which automatically generates Seperate install sheets for fitters and split invoices with the option to hold residual deposits on outstanding goods or not
Visually manage the installation status from send to scheduling, follow ups and booked to know exactly whats happening in an instant
View any documents uploaded during the quoting process specifically for the installation to make sure your fitters have all the details
Complete appointment logs allows you to easily see when the installations were book for along with any changes to the appointment
Manage and view your fitters onsite installation reports instantly

A large suite of invoicing and payment options at your fingertips.

Specifically designed to allow single invoices, split invoices with residual deposits, manual invoices with customised balance due amounts and many payment options to suit your companies requirements

Automatically create and send invoices to clients
Generate Automatic split invoices base off of your split installations
Apply payments directly to the order and e mail receipts to clients
Visually monitor payment statuses and outstanding balances while also easily managing account clients, finance and low deposits 
Use our payment integrations to take credit card payments directly through Smartpad Pro


Smart system is smart business with the ultimate window furnishing software.

Smart Features & Tools

Master Console for Franchise & Multi Store Locations

The Ultimate Tool for Master Franchisors or companies with 2 - 2000 locations.

Workflow Manager

A Powerful yet flexible Order Management Console, with customisable workflows.

Appointment Scheduling & Smart Map

Manage all employees or contractors appointments from one place.

Quotes & Payments

Create fast detailed quotes with multiple options in minutes, and instantly apply payments.

Measure & Installation Tool

Bring your installation and measure team online and in sync with your business.

Contacts Manager

A complete contact management solution with the ability to import and export.

Performance Dashboards

Create powerful and customisable performance dashboards for admins and staff.

Inbuilt CRM System

Never miss a follow up lead or quote call back ever again, while tracking your lead Quality.

Accounts Integration

Our live account integration instantly transfers invoices and payments.

Product Management

Have complete control of your products and fabrics discounts, markups, margins etc.

Account Settings

A huge amount of customisation and account control enabling you to set it up the way you need.

Access & Send Documents Anywhere

Never be caught out not having the right information on hand, or being able to send it out.

Business Reports

Create customised business reports and detailed graphic charts.

Manage Employees

Have complete control of your employees access and roles in a customisable format.

Our Backups and Technology

Using the latest code technology and Amazon AWS servers.

Complete Integration Solutions

A complete suite of powerful integrations.